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Can PR Buy Executive Condo in Singapore?


Executive condominiums such as Lumina Grand, offer a luxurious and quality lifestyle similar to private condos but with more buyers once privatised after five-year MOP.

Current rules stipulate that you can only obtain new ECs by applying with your Singaporean spouse, however there are more lax criteria when buying used ECs.

What are the conditions for Permanent Residents to buy executive condo in singapore?

As private property prices increase, more buyers are exploring new EC launches as either their first home or upgrade option; however, due to stringent eligibility conditions it is only viable for certain buyers.

PRs may purchase new EC launches only if they form a family unit with a Singapore citizen and fulfill certain criteria, unlike with resale HDB flats where foreigners with Singaporean spouses may purchase selected public housing units.

However, single PRs may still purchase an EC in the resale market provided they meet certain criteria such as age and income limits. They may also qualify for JSS scheme if they are 35 or over. Given its significant cost, however, buying an EC requires considerable financial preparation – both before applying and considering how much ABSD they may owe each month.

Can PR buy EC with their Singaporean spouse?

As a PR, if you and your Singaporean spouse meet certain conditions, such as both being 21 or over; household income not exceeding $16,000; no private properties owned locally or overseas and none sold within 30 months, and applying for CPF housing grants (if eligible).

As opposed to HDB flats, European Communities (ECs) can only be purchased directly from developers. You must submit an electronic application, known as an “eApp,” prior to any development being launched in order to express interest in it.

eApp applications for HDB grants are much simpler, yet you must still meet certain eligibility requirements to be eligible for grants; such as being a citizen and your spouse being either SC or SPR in order to be considered.

Can PR buy EC by themselves?

Acquisition of a home for PRs can be one of the greatest milestones of their lives. Although public housing might offer them affordability and benefits, others may prefer private properties which provide greater flexibility with regards to location and facilities.

Unfortunately, many potential buyers can be deterred by the stringent regulations surrounding buying an EC unit. Applicants must form a family nucleus with their Singaporean spouse and not exceed an income ceiling of $16,000 to be eligible to buy or rent out an EC. They also need to fulfill five years minimum occupation before selling or renting out their unit.

PRs looking for their first private property can choose between HDB resale flats, regular private condos or even landed properties. They may also consider purchasing resale EC units which become privatised after 10 years, which might provide greater appreciation potential over time.

Can PR buy EC for investment purposes?

PRs looking to upgrade from their HDB flats should consider an EC, which provides similar facilities but at a much more reasonable cost. Furthermore, CPF housing grants may help offset some of the upfront expenses of buying one.

However, if you plan to use your EC as an investment property, be mindful of its five-year MOP restrictions. During this period, no transactions may take place for selling or renting out units; you may, however, sell once either MOP is complete or when fully privatised properties become available for sale.

If you are considering purchasing an EC, first shortlist the ones that catch your eye – either online or by visiting a developer showroom in person. Once the development is launched, submit an eApp to be one of the first people to view and purchase one of its units; when making your purchase you will also be subject to Buyer Stamp Duty (BSD) as well as legal fees.

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